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Entry #7: Racked! Wracked! Wrecked!

To rack or not to rack? Have I wrecked it by racking it? Do I even give a shit? No I do not. I still ask myself this every time I get a car though. I have fitted racks to all the Porsches I have had the good fortune to own. And not so secretly it brings me great joy to rile up the Porsche purists who regard such shenanigans are heresy. Or think of it as an affront to the beautiful 911 design created by Porsche.

The prime motivator is that I have hockey equipment to carry 3 to 5 days a week. I want to drive the car in season as much as possible. My bag and sticks tear the crap out of the interior of the car. I cannot throw it all in the back seat because the half cage is there. The front trunk is too small to fit the bag.

I tried dividing my equipment into three smaller bags and shoehorning it in the frunk but that is frankly a pain in my ass. So I started thinking about getting racked up. Do I want to go this route yet again?

I don't know until I do it. I am doing it. I have done it. Here it is.


Porsche Crossbars for 996/997 purchased from Suncoast

Kuat Skinny Roof Basket (with bike mount) purchased from my friend Adam

Bonus Track: Number One Cup--Malcolm's X-Ray Picnic from the LP Wrecked by Lions

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