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#6 Cold Start Me Up

I have read a number of descriptions of how the 996.2 GT3 sounds on cold start. The British would say it chunters. I think I know what that means and sounds like. Others say it sounds like a bunch of nuts and bolts crashing around inside an empty coffee can. I think those descriptions come close. I'd add that I hear the loping idle of a hot-cammed muscle car. It does kind of remind me of how my air-cooled 993 sounded.

Shake, rattle and roll. I have to admit that I was a little concerned when I heard the cold start up the first morning after I had purchased and driven it from Austin, TX to Lincoln, NE. No smoke came out the tailpipe so I really wasn't too worried.

I decided to capture it and share it. Maybe other owners can chime in.

The temperature at video time was 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The date August 24, 2023. The only exhaust mod is a Fabspeed X-Pipe. Here goes something.

Turn the sound up loud to hear the nuances.

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