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(Re)Collection: Resplendent III: Casket City Wolves

Updated: Jun 13

At the tail end of 2003, I completed Casket City Wolves. It was and is my favorite EP from the trilogy. I am partial to how it takes elements of I and II and combines them. It moves the ideas forward.

If I had to pick a favorite song, it wold be Rise The Sun(On Cassette Mountain). It is whimsical and hopeful at the same time. Those are solid benchmarks.

I had the privilege of Ben and Tim from Red Red Meat and Joe from Califone playing on 3 tracks. I forgot about that until just now as I typed this in. Pretty amazing.


Pre-Dawn Jitters

Judas Priest Cul de Sac w/ flute: Chris Neal, percussion: Ben Massarella and Joe Adamik

Rise the Sun (On Cassette Mountain)

Noonday Vultures Dub

Chrome Attracts The Barracudas

Casket City Wolves w/guitar: Tim Rutilli, percussion: Ben Massarella

Dreamers Dub w/guitar: Tim Rutilli, percussion: Ben Massarella, flute: Chris Neal


All songs M.Lenzi, recorded at Plastic Skull, Mastered by Mike Hagler at Kingsize Sound Lab

Pave the stale into something more humane!

Many thanks: Jane Hirt, Jim Newberry for photos, Seth Cohen, Califone, John Kendelhardt for website, Carrot Top Distribution

R.I.P. Elliott Smith

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