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(Re)Collection: Resplendent I: In A Wilderness

Updated: Jun 13

It is hard to believe that it was 2002, 17 years ago, when I recorded the first of a series of three Resplendent Eps. In A Wilderness is the first.

I am slowly posting all the Resplendent, Fire Show and Number One Cup records on my website. Check them out.


Wolf Chorus

Semi-Hellbent Tip

In A Wilderness

Lone Vox

What's To Change

Out On The Slicks

Have A Fucking Heart

Pitch & Yaw

Long Distance Toast

At the two ends of the spectrum are these songs. Semi-Hellbent Tip at

the irreverent end and Pitch & Yaw holding it down on the other as the mournful, penultimate lament. I started off Resplendent tipping my hand and showing you all my cards.


All songs performed, recorded, mixed by M.Lenzi at the Plastic Skull Sound 9.02-1.03.

ES Roth composed horn and string arrangements for tax 2,4,8

Fritz Hocking trombone on 2,4

Dave Rempis saxophone on 2

Jason Robke double bass on 8

Patrick O'Connell acoustic guitar on 9

Hideout Tim vox on 3

Seth Cohen vox on 9

John Klos black & white keys on 1

Mike Hagler mastered the mixx at Kingsize Sound

All heartfelt thanx to: Jane Hirt, Eric Roth, Tony Rolando, Seth Cohen, Hideout Tim, Patrick Monaghan at Carrot Top Distribution


From irony (Semi-Hellbent Tip) to tragedy (Pitch & Yaw) over the course of 8 songs.

Here are the liner notes.

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