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(Re)Collection: Resplendent: Despite The Gate No Mansion

Updated: Jun 13

In 2012, Resplendent was on life support. Meaning, I was burned out. Nothing felt fresh any more. Even though I was playing drums with a band, I had been on an extended songwriting hiatus since 2005. What was I doing? I was into photography, motorcycles and cars. Crazy, I know. I was spending all my spare time riding or driving. Then the inspiration hit and I wrote an album's worth of songs. They poured out.

Since 2009, my mom's condition took a turn for the worse. She was slipping from dementia into Alzheimer's. She lost the thread if you will. She could not care for herself at all and needed 24 hour nursing. I did not know how difficult this would be. I was her only family in the world. My sister decided that their differences were too great for her to remain in any type of contact. That was not something I could do anything about, nor did I feel it was my responsibility to rectify it. They were both old adults at that point. I failed as a referee by not even attempting to officiate.

So the record was an outlet. I named it after a line that I might have misheard in an R.E.M. song on Murmur. It seemed just about right for the ideas on the record.

It is also somewhat of a lost record in that I do not have any liner notes or lyrics from it. I only have the photo I took that graced the cover and was the banner image on my website for years.

It was recorded on 1/2" 8 track tape at Plastic Skull Studio like the other records.


Despite The Gate No Mansion

Spill The Blood

East Jesus

Kill That Fucking Lion

Nervous In The Service

Paper Blood and Hustle

Wherefore Art Thou

Soul Go Home

This is a favorite track. However, this record is tough for me to listen to. It is still emotionally raw and it cuts me deep. But hey, it is pop music.

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