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(Re)Collection #34: Resplendent II: Wings Beneath The Sills

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

In Spring of 2003, I recorded Resplendent II: Wings Beneath The Sills with a few of the same characters I used on the first EP.

What strikes me now in revisiting it is how gentle it seems. Despite the abundance of noise.

Here is the YouTube playlist:


Resolution Time: flute 1: Chris Neal, flute 2: Katrina Walter

Luminescent Exultant Chariot

Wordsnotenough: percussion: ES Roth, Guitar: Patrick O'Connell

Wings Beneath The Sills: guitar: Patrick O'Connell, french horn: Christine Worthing, percussion: ES Roth

Nape Of Neck Hints

Sleeptalking In The Natatorium

A favorite Resplendent song from this EP.


All songs written/performed/recorded/mixed by MLenzi at Plastic Skull 2003

Additional Flute/French Horn/Percussion parts written/arranged by ES Roth

Resplendent appreciates: Jane Hirt, ES Roth, Seth Cohen, Kurt Volk, Tony Rolando, Patrick O'Connell, Patrick Monaghan, Jim Newberry for the photos, and all those who care.

Respect and special thanks to Strummer/Jones/Headon/Simonon for vocal melody in Resolution Time (lifted from Bankrobber Dub)

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